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LACOE-Led Initiatives

LACOE-led initiatives are established and managed by dedicated LACOE employees.

Los Angeles County Bilingual Directors Association

The LA County Bilingual Directors' Association awards scholarships to students pursuing a
future dedicated to multilingual education.

LACOE Green Team

LACOE's Green Team promotes a culture of environmental sustainability through communication and education around energy and resource efficiency. 

Engaging Girls in STEM

Engaging Girls in STEM is designed to present opportunities for young girls to think about a STEM Career. These girls will have access to discuss what a career in STEM is like through our STEM Ambassadors.

Spelling Bee

The Los Angeles County Regional Spelling Bee is a competition held each year in March for district-level spelling champions in grades 4 to 8. Each district in the county is invited to send one district winner to compete in the county's regional competition, which tests the skills, smarts and stamina of the participating students.

If you are interested in establishing a fund or making a contribution, please contact us at

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