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The Greater Los Angeles Education Foundation develops strategic initiatives, identifies public/private partnerships, and creates greater connections with community stakeholders to support innovation at LACOE, share knowledge, and advocate for impact. We are committed to working with LACOE staff and school districts to identify and leverage resources for programs to improve outcomes for youth across the county.

GLAEF is proud to raise critical funds for the following LACOE-led initiative funds, scholarship funds, and events.

LACOE-Led Initiative Funds

LACOE-led initiatives are intended to support student and educators across school districts and schools in Los Angeles County.

LACOE Signature Fund @GLAEF

The LACOE Signature Fund @GLAEF serves as a platform to support LACOE led convenings, professional development training and convenings, teacher appreciation activities, and other events and programs as needed.

LACOE Scholarship Funds

GLAEF manages a collection of various scholarship funds, many developed and led by LACOE staff, tailored to meet diverse needs and provide direct support to students and educators across the 80 school districts in LA County.

If you are interested in establishing a fund or making a contribution, please contact us at

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